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Professional Overflowing Drain Solutions in Inner West

An overflowing drain can be more than a pain – it can be a potential hazard. From overflowing blockages with unwanted odours to slow-draining showers and toilets or full-on flooding, My Home Plumbing can fix all overflow drains. With decades of combined experience in serving the Inner West, trust our professionalism and expertise with all overflowing drain problems, indoors and outdoors.

Common Causes of Overflowing Drains

Drains can catch anything heading down your pipes, but not everything is so easily flushed away. Food particles in the kitchen, hair and wipes in the bathroom and debris from the garden can all build up and cause inconvenient or dangerous blockages.


Large amounts of hair or slight blockages along the way can lead to build-ups and unwelcome bathroom floor drain overflows.

Foreign objects

Wipes, tissues and paper towels can easily become lodged in pipes, creating blockages that lead to overflowing drains.

Leaves or twigs

Leaves, twigs and other organic matter won’t easily break down in water, making them tough to dislodge from pipes.

Food particles

Flushing food material will often lead to a blocked pipe and drains overflowing. Grease and other saturated fats can lodge in drains, too, causing blockages.

Types of Overflowing Drains We Address

With decades of combined experience serving the Inner West, My Home Plumbing can fix overflowing drains of all types and locations.

Outdoor Overflow Drains

An outside drain overflowing can be a sign of a more serious blockage. If you notice your overflow drain is backed up, making a gurgling sound or emitting an unwanted odour, it’s a sign to give us a call before the problem becomes serious.

Balcony and Bathroom Floor Drains

Balconies and bathroom floors are two areas you don’t want water overflowing. Whether the source are leaves and twigs or a typical bathroom clog , we can easily assist in clearing bathroom and balcony overflow drains.

Kitchen Sinks

Nothing is worse than a kitchen sink that overflows or refuses to drain. Food particles and grease can easily cause a kitchen sink to back up and overflow. Whatever the cause, let us get your kitchen sink working as it should.

Why Choose Us for Your Overflowing Drain Needs?

My Home Plumbing is your ideal partner for leak detection in Inner West, Sydney. Our local expertise – combined with over 35 years of experience – enables us to provide efficient solutions. We respond promptly to your needs, offering affordable and high-quality services.

Local Expertise

Our in-depth knowledge of the region's plumbing challenges allows us to offer tailored leak detection solutions.

Experienced Team

Our team's extensive experience ensures accurate diagnosis and effective resolution of leak issues.

Prompt Response

We understand the urgency of water leak detection and offer swift responses to minimise potential damage and inconvenience.

Prompt Response

We understand the urgency of water leak detection and offer swift responses to minimise potential damage and inconvenience.

Affordable Solutions

Our competitive pricing ensures access to our quality services without financial strain.

Hear from Our Satisfied Customers

We ourselves are long-term residents of the Inner West, so it’s important that we always do the right thing for our community. But don’t just take our word for it. Click here for testimonials of our top-quality service.


Frequently Asked Questions

Whether it’s leaves, twigs and debris in the garden, hair and wipes in the bathroom or food scraps and grease in the kitchen, once a blockage has stopped water flowing down the drain, it has nowhere to go but back up.

Typical signs of an overflowing drain include water pooling around or running from drains (including flooding), unpleasant odours and a gurgling sound.

In outdoor areas, keeping areas around a drain, guttering and roofs clear of debris will help prevent drains from clogging. Indoors, use drain guards to stop hair or food particles entering the drain, and avoid flushing wipes and tissues.

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