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Bathroom Renovations in Inner West Sydney

We are expert bathroom renovators and will customise the job according to your requirements. Just tell us the style you want, whether budget, modern or luxury, and we’ll work with you from there!

Our Bathroom Renovation Services in Inner West Sydney

We can upgrade the look and feel of an old bathroom and can work with you to perfect the layout and select any fixtures and finishes. 

What Are Included In Our Bathroom Renovations?

Our bathroom renovations in the Inner West are always tailored to your unique needs and budget. In our experience, three things in particular can make the biggest difference to the look of your bathroom: tapware, vanities and toilets.

Tap Ware

The right tapware enhances the appearance of your bathroom, especially when the sink, shower and bath tapware are coordinated. At My Home Plumbing, we’ll work with you to ensure your bathroom tapware has the functionality and style you want.


Do you prefer a compact toilet or a modern classic? Dual flushing? Remember, modern toilets are much more efficient than older ones. My Home Plumbing delivers a range of toilet options and installations that are designed to suit your preferences.


Choosing the right vanity basin can enhance your bathroom space both functionally and aesthetically. Some of the choices we can install for you are floating, double sink, corner, freestanding and vessel.

Why Choose My Home Plumbing for Your Bathroom Renovation?

Our commitment is to customer satisfaction. Let’s face it, bathroom renovations are a really big deal. Our personalised approach and experienced team help to ensure a hassle-free renovation process for you.

Customised Designs

At My Home Plumbing, we work closely with each client to understand your individual style and preferences. Using quality components, we’ll create a custom bathroom design to suit your lifestyle.

Experienced Team

We have 30 years of experience providing and installing quality tapware, toilets and vanities for bathroom renovations in Inner West Sydney. Customer service is our top priority, and we’ll communicate clearly during all stages of our work so you’ll know what to expect.

Quality Materials

At My Home Plumbing, we always work with quality components and materials for bathroom renovations. These always stand up better to regular wear and tear. Even with a budget renovation, we’ll always provide the best possible components that can be sourced for your price range.

Hear from Our Satisfied Customers

Check out what our valued customers say about us. They validate our top-notch service to show you that My Home Plumbing really is the best in the Inner West.


Frequently Asked Questions about Bathroom Renovations

In servicing the residents of Sydney’s Inner West, we get asked all sorts of questions. Here’s one that comes up more than any other.

Before starting your bathroom remodel, think about:

  • Future Needs: If you’re planning a family, consider adding a bathtub.
  • Basin Count: Decide if one or two basins are necessary based on your daily routine and the number of users.
  • Style Preferences: Research your preferred styles and finishes in advance to effectively communicate your vision to the plumber.
    Practicality and
  • Budget: Keep in mind practical aspects like storage and lighting, and have a clear budget and timeline in place.

By focusing on these key areas, you’ll ensure your remodeled bathroom meets both your current and future needs.

Contact Us for Your Dream Bathroom Renovation in Inner West Sydney

For personalised and professional bathroom renovations in Inner West Sydney, contact My Home Plumbing. We’re professional, qualified, experienced and friendly. We’ll get the job done right the first time!