As plumbers, we see some questionable things when clearing blocked drains. Below is a list of things you should not put down the drain if you do not want them to block!

  1. Paper Towels.
  2. Baby wipes
  3. Receipts
  4. Newspaper
  5. Plastic bags
  6. Cling wrap
  7. Foil
  8. Sandwich bags
  9. Sanitary pads
  10. Tampons
  11. Nappies
  12. Condoms
  13. Cotton balls
  14. Cotton buds
  15. Rice
  16. Pasta
  17. Flour
  18. Coffee Grounds
  19. Fruit and veg scraps
  20. Hair
  21. Sand
  22. Soil
  23. Egg shells
  24. Fats
  25. Oils
  26. Bones + meat off cuts
  27. Paint
  28. Toys
  29. If you have to ask the question, it’s generally not safe to flush. There are a lot of products available that are advertised as “flushable” but sadly in time, block your drains. 


A large majority of our blocked drain call outs, could have been prevented had the home owner read this list. Print it out and pin it above the sink, it might save you needing a plumber in the future!