Gas Plumbing

At MHP our team of qualified Inner West plumbers are also licensed, trained gas fitters

You can rest assured knowing our gas work is of the best standard, always to Australian code and always completed with the comfort and safety of you and your family in mind.

Not only is gas more environmentally friendly, due to it’s lower emissions (when compared to electricity), it is almost always a more cost effective way to heat your home and hot water, run your BBQ, kitchen cook top and oven. That said, gas can also be dangerous and when issues arise, it’s smart to approach with caution. When it comes to gas, always call in the Pros.

Our Gas Services

Here’s a list of our most popular gas services. If what you need isn’t listed, get in touch to see if we can help.

Gas Leaks

Gas leaks are serious business. If you smell gas, call a plumber. We have same-day service available for plumbing emergencies.

New Gas / Gas Extensions

We can connect, extend or repair the gas service in your home.

Gas Meter Relocation

We can relocate your gas meter to a more convenient or aesthetic location.

Gas BBQ Connections

Our team can install gas points for your bbq, connect your bbq to gas or install conversion kits if you're swapping between LPG and natural gas.

Gas Hot Water

Gas hot water is one of the most economical options. We can install a gas heater and any related gas pipework.

Gas Bayonets

We can install gas bayonets for cooking or heating connections.

Gas Appliance Installation

We can connect appliances like cook tops and heaters to your gas supply. We don't service gas appliances.

Galvanised Pipe Replacement

Some older Sydney homes have galvanised steel gas pipework. We can replace this with a reliable copper service.

Gas Service Disconnection

We can safely disconnect your home from gas and cap off any remaining pipework.

Signs of a Gas Leak

Gas plumbing is always best left to professionals.

If there are signs of a gas leak in your home, it could be an emergency. Contact a plumber immediately.

You can smell gas

If you can smell gas, you most likely have a gas leak. Especially if the smell is close to a gas connection, gas cook top, gas pipe, hot water system or gas meter.

Hissing Sounds

A hissing sound coming from your gas pipes, gas meter, hot water system or any gas connections of appliances can indicate a gas leak.

Gas Meter Running

A simple way to test if you have a gas leak is to turn off all gas appliances in your home. If the numbers still tick over continuously you most likely have a leak.

Higher Gas Bill

A higher than normal gas bill can indicate a gas leak. Typically, gas usage is higher in the cooler months but if you notice an unseasonably big change, it's time to call a plumber.

While you wait for the plumber… 

Turn off all gas appliances

Turn off the gas supply at your gas meter

Locate your gas meter. It should have a yellow handle.To turn the gas supply OFF, turn the yellow handle so it sits perpendicular or at a right angle to the pipe. This is generally quite simple to do. If in doubt or if your gas meter does not look as described, please wait for the professionals.

Open windows and doors

If the leak is inside your home, ensure adequate ventilation.

Turning Off Your Gas Meter

While you wait for a plumber, you can isolate the gas to shut off the flow:

1. Turn off all gas appliances
2. Locate you meter
3. To turn the gas OFF turn the lever style handle so it is perpendicular to the pipe like in the image above
4. Any pilots will need to be re-lit when you turn the gas back on

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