Here at MHP our plumbers love few things more (maybe their girlfriends/dogs?) than a well set-up, well flowing stormwater system. Stormwater systems encapsulate your home’s gutters, downpipes, roof and drainage that all work together to divert water away from your home. This works to keep the inside of your home dry and mould free, the outside draining well and the structural integrity of your home in good condition! Yes – we do roof repairs, guttering, downpipes and full stormwater system upgrades all through in Inner West and Sydney’s inner suburbs. 


We’re licensed, insured and trained to complete the full A-Z of stormwater work, from Apron Flashings to Zincalume!



Is your roof leaking?? We can help! Our team is qualified and licensed to complete metal roof repairs throughout the Inner West and Sydney. We always use the best quality parts and materials to ensure a long-lasting solution to your roof woes. We’ll often start with an inspection to gain a thorough understanding of the issues at hand before providing you with next steps to help remedy! All roof repairs call for dry weather to ensure the integrity of the work and the safety of our team. What we don't do: tiled roofs, lead flashing installations, full roof replacements.


Quality gutters are vital for a healthy storm water system. When installed correctly, they work to direct water away from your home to avoid issues relating to water damage, mould and rising damp. We can assess your existing gutters and offer solutions to repair or replace where needed. We have experience working on homes of all shapes and sizes, including terraces and multi-level homes. Our team are all trained to work safely at heights to ensure the best outcome for your home and the safety of our people.


Downpipes connect your roof and gutters to your home’s stormwater system. To minimise leaks and water pooling/overflowing around the house and to ensure the highest volume of rainwater diverts away from your home, it’s vital to have clear, flowing and well-connected downpipes. Our small team of problem-solving plumbers are well-versed in all things stormwater and can provide you with the best solutions to ensure yours is functioning well (especially with another La Nina on the horizon!).

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