Stormwater Repairs

Stormwater systems are a vital part of your home’s drainage. They’re made up of a number of pieces including gutters, downpipes, roofing and other pipes that work to divert rainwater away from your home (or into your tanks). These systems keep your house, its foundations and surrounding land dry and free from rising damp, mould, pests and leaks.


Our team is qualified and licensed to install and repair all parts of a stormwater system.

Our Stormwater Services

Stormwater Inspections

Stormwater inspections allow us to map out your home’s system to ensure it’s installed to Australian standards and functioning well. We’ll use drain cameras, locators, visual inspection and other specialist equipment to map it out clearly.

Blocked Stormwater Drains

Our friendly team is experienced in blocked stormwater clearing. We provide reliable and licensed services to get your system clear again. Ignoring blocked stormwater can lead to costly damage to your home, so we recommend rectifying any signs of a blockage early.

Gutter Repair and Installation

Its essential your gutters are installed and connected properly to prevent any water damage. We have experience repairing, replacing and cleaning gutters.

Metal Roof Repairs

Our team is qualified, licensed and insured to complete metal roof repairs. Safety is a priority when working at heights, so we follow WHS best practices at all times. Inspections are often required prior to repairs commencing to holistically understand the condition of a roof and all potential causes of a leak.

Downpipe Repairs and Installation

Broken or blocked downpipes can wreck havoc during heavy rain. We have experience connecting, repairing and installing gutters on houses of various sizes – single and multi storey.

New Stormwater Systems

A lot of the stormwater systems we come across are old, damaged or not installed correctly. We can design and install a new functioning stormwater system to keep your home dry and mould free.

Common Stormwater Problems

Blocked Drains, Downpipes and Gutters

Water can pool or overflow from your drains and gutters if they’re not kept clear of debris. Leaves and dirt can accumulate and cause blockages.



Insufficient drainage and improper grading can lead to soil erosion, which may affect landscaping, foundations, and walkways.


Poor drainage systems can lead to water pooling in some areas. This can create soggy lawns, gardens and flooded spots.


Basement / Sub Floor Flooding

Blocked or poorly functioning stormwater systems can prevent water from being diverted away from the property. This can lead to water damage, mould, odours, pests and rising damp.


Rising Damp

Inadequate drainage around your home can cause rising damp. This can appear as mould, water damage or general dampness in the home.


Mould and Mildew

Persistent moisture due to  poor drainage or stormwater issues can lead to mould and mildew growth in homes. This can be a serious health hazard and can also damage furniture and other possessions.

Lawn and Garden Damage

Soggy gardens and lawns from poor drainage can damage plants, grass, and trees in your yard, potentially killing or stunting their growth


Insect Infestations

Damp sub floor and stagnant water due to poor drainage and ventilation can create the perfect breeding grounds for mosquitoes, other insects and even rodents.


Damaged Foundations

Consistent dampness and soil erosion can lead to foundation cracks and structural damage.

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