Our qualified team is experienced at identifying the cause of your drainage problems and delivering solutions that work.


Drains are a vital part of your home’s plumbing systems and it’s crucial they’re well designed and fully operational.


The 2 most important drainage systems in your home are:



What is a stormwater system?

Stormwater systems remove water that lands within the boundaries of your property, away from the structure and surrounding ground of your home.

These systems prevent water damage, damage to foundations, cracking, mould, rising damp, pest infestations, water pooling and water leaks in your home. They include gutters, downpipes, rainwater tanks, ground pits and drains, ag lines and pumps.



What is a sewer system?

Sewer systems allow sewer waste from your property to flow into the sewer mains for treatment (or treat it on site if you have a septic). Functioning systems keep your home hygienic, free of sewer smells and deter rodents and pests from entering your home.

All drains from your kitchen, laundry and bathrooms should flow into the sewer.

Our Drainage Services

We provide a full range of drainage services to the Inner West and Sydney’s inner suburbs.

Blocked Stormwater

Often presenting as overflowing drains, gutters and downpipes, stormwater blockages can be messy. We can get these pipes flowing freely.

Blocked Sewers

We can identify the cause and location of a blockage, and determining how to clear the blockage. We use a combination of water jetting, drain cameras and locating tools.

Drain Camera Inspections

Drain cameras allow us to see the condition of the pipes internally and under the ground. Inspections are a great way to understand the lay of your drains.

Gutters and Downpipes

A vital part of your stormwater system, we can install new gutters and downpipes to your home, and ensure they’re functioning properly. We also offer gutter and downpipe cleaning.

Pipe Relining

Pipe relining can be a great permanent solution for drain problems like cracks, recurring blockages, dislodged joints, tree roots infestations and more.

Stormwater Repairs and Installation

Our experienced team can get your stormwater system flowing again. It’s important for stormwater to travel away from your home, to maintain the integrity of your foundations.

Sewer Repairs and Upgrades

Many Sydney homes still have original Earthenware sewer pipes that are 60+ years old. We can repair or upgrade your system using up to date materials and practices.

Ground Drainage Installation

Rising damp, mould and soggy backyards are common signs you may need a revised groundwater system. Our team can identify the best solutions.

Pre-Purchase Drainage Inspections

Drains are often hidden and not included in standard building and pest inspections. We can inspect all accessible drains and provide a comprehensive report, better the devil you know.

Boundary Trap Repairs and Replacements

Boundary Traps transport your waste and sewer gasses into the sewer main, and keep them there. It’s vital your connection is functional and boundary trap intact. We can repair damaged sewer pipework and install new boundary traps.

Pipe Relining

What is pipe relining and how does it work?

Pipe relining is a great way to repair old/broken pipes without the need for invasive digging. Put simply, old/broken pipes are sealed from the inside with an incredibly durable and hard-setting resin solution (the resin is 4 X stronger than a new PVC pipe). The solution is applied to a custom cut 'liner' that is measured to fit the area in need of repair. The liner is inserted into the old pipe, inflated to adhere the to the inside of the old pipe and allowed to cure or set in place - creating a smooth, tough and as new pipe.

When is pipe relining used?

Pipe relining is a smart option when the damaged/old pipes are hard to access or located beneath the ground. Locating and digging down to replace pipe work can take days/weeks depending on the location and extent of the damage. Pipe relining is used as an alternative to removing/replacing pipework as its far more time-efficient and promises a long-lasting result. Relining is a great way to preserve a precious lawn or garden, and in some homes allows for repairs to be completed without cutting open concrete slabs or floorboards! It's a perfect way to repair earthenware pipework commonly found in Inner West homes. For relining ot be an option, the original pipe must still have its structure intact , it's ok if there's some cracks and dislodged areas, but a crushed or completely collapsed pipe cannot be relined.

How long does pipe relining last?

When done correctly, pipe relining can last decades! Most often called upon as a solution to damaged pipes, it's also a great preventative option for homes with older clay/earthenware pipework wanting to preserve the integrity of an existing intact clay pipe system. Clay pipes were phased out in around the 70's, so many of the Inner West's homes still contain these pipes. Over time, this material is prone to cracking/collapsing or root infestation. A stitch in time can save 9 in this case!

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