After close to 10 years of being a plumber, I’ve spent countless hours on jobs searching properties for these three important plumbing  locations: water meters, gas meters and boundary traps. Not only can knowing the location of them protect your home from unnecessary damage in an emergency, it can help to save your plumber time (and you money!) by preventing the need for timely search missions required to find them.



1. The Water Meter

Knowing the location of your water meter is crucial for a few reasons:

•You can turn off the tap. This is most important in the unfortunate case of a burst pipe, water leak or other plumbing emergency. Knowing how to turn off the water at your meter could save your possessions and thousands of $$ in repair bills!

• You can see the numbers. Clearly visible water readings allow you to ensure you’re getting charged the right amount from your water supplier. These numbers can also be used to identify a water leak in your home.


2. The Gas Meter

Much like the water meter, knowing the location of your gas meter is important for 2 reasons:

  • You can turn it off in the case of an emergency or gas leak. Look for the yellow handle on your meter. The gas is ON when this handle runs parallel with the pipe. To turn it OFF turn the yellow handle so it sits perpendicular, or at a 90 degree angle to the pipe.
  • You can check the numbers. We had a job a few years ago where the gas bill was about 6 x higher than the actual usage amount due to inaccurate readings. We tested the usage on the meter by using appliances inside the home and found that the usage amount they had charged for was nearly impossible given the size of the home. As a result, the owners were able to have the bill reduced.

For more on GAS, click here. 


3. The Boundary Trap

A boundary trap is the point where all of your home’s sewer drains (everything from bathrooms, kitchens and laundries) connect to and enter the sewer main. Unfortunately these can be buried and difficult to find, resulting in your plumber spending hours searching for it and you footing the bill. We once spent 4 hours searching for the boundary trap to repair a blockage.

Look for a pipe poking through the ground at the front or back of your property (see pic below).

If you are unable to find your boundary trap, we can help by providing a sewer service diagram of your home, just get in touch. If your boundary trap is buried, it’s a good idea to dig it out and make it accessible again!

It’s super important to know the location of these points in your home. Having quick access to all 3 can decrease the risk of damage in your home, danger to you and your loved ones in a plumbing emergency and save you money on expensive repairs. If you would like more info on locating yours, please contact us today!