The 3 important parts of the home that every home owner should know

As a plumber, my job is made easy when I can walk into a home and not have to spend hours searching for things before I can do my job. It makes the experience of coming to someone’s home easier, as well as saves them money. Below are 3 of the most important locations in your home that could come in very handy in the future.

1. The water meter. Knowing where the meter is, is crucial for a few reasons.

• Being able to turn off the tap. Makes maintaining plumbing easy and also means that if you have an emergency you can get to it easily to turn off the water. You will be thankful you know where it is when a pipe bursts in the middle of the night and saves thousands worth of repairs!

• Having access to the numbers. Being able to read the numbers on the top means that you can get an accurate water bill as well as check that you are getting charged the correct amount from your supplier. Nothing worse than getting charged for water your didn’t use.

2. The gas meter. Exactly the same as the water meter, so important to have access to the isolating valve (or lever to turn off gas) and also to be able to check the numbers. We had a job about a year ago where the gas bill was about 6x higher than what the actual usage was due to inaccurate readings. We tested the usage on the meter by using appliances inside the home and found that the usage they had charged for was nearly impossible to use and were able to have the bill reduced. Knowing where your meter is can give you the same opportunity + keep you safe in an emergency.

3. The boundary trap. This is the connection where all of your homes sewer drains (everything from bathrooms, kitchens and laundries) connect to and enter the sewer main. Having access to this is SUPER important as it can save you 4 figures worth of searching when your plumber needs access to it. We recently had to spend 4 hours at a job trying to find one that was buried just in order to try and fix a blockage. Look for a pipe to be poking through the ground at the front or back of your property. Sometimes these are buried and require some digging to make them accessible again.

If you are unable to find your boundary trap, we can help by providing a sewer service diagram of your home. Get in touch today!

I feel that it is the responsibility of every home owner to know these 3 things about their property as one of the first things they do when they move in. Having quick access to all 3 will decrease damage in emergencies, keep you and your home safe when they happen and save money on repairs.