3 DIY tips you can use to extend the life of your drains

We are always asked by our customers about what they can do to extend the life of their drains after they have been blocked. Sometimes it can be too late but other times its manageable and can you can get a little bit longer between each repair.


  1. Be careful what you put down the drains. Use good quality toilet paper that breaks down in water and do not flush any other wipes, paper towels etc down as these can get caught and cause a blockage. Avoid sending too many food scraps down too as they can get caught in the trap (s bend) under the sink. Do not send any oil or fat down the drain as it will go hard further down. If you are not sure of what can down the drain then check this list for reference: A comprehensive list of things you cannot put down your drains. 
  2. Flush drains with hot water and a mix of vinegar and baking soda. This is great down kitchen sinks, laundry tubs, basins and even down the shower drain. Hot water with vinegar and baking soda helps to break down the scum from soaps, toothpaste etc as well as the grease that lines the inside of our pipes.
  3. Clean out with a plunger or a drain snake. For those who are confident enough, go to a hardware shop and buy a plunger or a drain snake and use it on the slow moving drains. This can help to either push through or remove any clumps of hair inside bends. Showers and basins are the worst for this — especially when the people using it have long hair!

All of these things are not only easy but can also help you to prolong the life of your drains, make your home feel more cared for and save a visit from the plumber.